This Wednesday its all about Lauren, we haven’t stopped listen to her highly anticipated second album ‘Road Less Traveled’ and it’s completely exceeded our expectations.

We can’t believe Lauren co-wrote 12 of the tracks because every song is spectacular!

It’s hard to pick a few favourites but we spot a massive future hit with ‘Holding The Other’. We also love that ‘Three’ goes full circle and the chorus gets you hooked. Finally, we are a sucker for a clever metaphor and ‘Painting Pillows’ puts a fun spin on a classic breakup song.

Get listenig to Lauren’s amazing new album!

Track List:

1. Doin’ Fine

2. My Kinda People

3. Three

4. Road Less Traveled

5. Queen of Hearts

6. Think Outside the Boy

7. Painting Pillows

8. Next Boyfriend

9. Crashin’ the Boys Club

10. Same Day Different Bottle

11. Holding the Other

12. Pretty

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