We love the bad boy edge Brantley Gilbert brings to country music and could listen to his gritty voice all day. He has his own unique attitude towards country music and has stay true to himself with his new album ‘The Devil Don’t Sleep’.

‘The Weekend’ is the first single off the album, which showcases Brantley’s funner side and makes us want to live it up!

However, one of our favourite things about Brantley is that he is never one to shy away from the heavier topics with songs like ‘We’re going to ride again’. We also get to hear his softer side and stunning voice in ‘Three feet of Water’.

Get listening to Brantley Gilbert’s new album ‘The Devil Don’t Sleep’.



1. Rocking Chairs

2. The Ones That Like Me

3.  The Weekend

4. You Could Be That Girl

5. Smokin’ Gun

6. Bro Code

7.  It’s About to Get Dirty

8. Tried to Tell Ya

9. In My Head

10. Way Back

11. Baby Be Crazy

12. Outlaw in Me

13. Bullet in a Bonfire

14. The Devil Don’t Sleep

15. We’re Gonna Ride Again

16. Three Feet of Water

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