Natalie Hemby’s debut album ‘Puxico’ is named after her grandfather George Hemby’s hometown. The album showcases Natalie’s beautiful voice and is full of wonderful stories that Natalie hopes people listening will be able to relate back to the places they grew up.

Natalie is phenomenal songwriter and most recently co-wrote ten of the songs on Miranda Lambert’s album ‘Weight of These Wings’. She follows in the foot steps of other successful songwriters, such as Brandy Clark and Lori McKenna who went on to released their own albums.

We cant stop listen to the record and especially love the tracks ‘This Town Still Talks About You’, ‘Lovers on Display’ and ‘Ferris Wheel’.


  1. Time Honored Tradition
  2. Lovers On Display
  3. Grand Restoration
  4. Cairo, IL
  5. Ferris Wheel
  6. Worn
  7. This Town Still Talks About You
  8. I’ll Remember How You Loved Me
  9. Return

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