Sam Hunt surprised fans by releasing a new song ‘Drinkin Too Much’ on New Year ’s Day, after waiting over two years to share new material. However after listening to the song it is clearly  only meant for one person, who he mentions by name in the line “Hannah Lee, I’m on my way to you”, followed by “nobody can love you like I do”.

Hannah Lee Fowler is Sam’s on and off again girlfriend from collage and served as the muse for his album Montevallo. The two reunited last year and have since traveled the world together with friends.

Sam sings the chorus about trying to drink away the pain of loosing Hannah Lee and his struggle to forget her.

If we were to explain the song in two words it would be ‘honest’ and ‘real’.

This is a non-traditional love song, which doesn’t surprise us, as Sam is always pushing the boundaries of country music and the ‘norm’.

Since the release of the song it has been announced that Sam and Hannah Lee are engaged. We wish them all the best on this new chapter of their lives together and hope this is only the beginning of new music from Sam Hunt this year.

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