We have narrowed it down to our ten favourite country albums released in 2016. These are the albums we have had on repeat since they came out and made us not want to skip a track. We included some of our favourite tracks from each album.

  1.  Miranda Lambert’s ‘Weight of these Wings’

Miranda poured her heart into this double album, so it was hard pick only a few of our favourites.

  • Get away driver
  • Pushing Time
  • Smoking Jacket
  • I’ve got wheels
  • Pink Sunglasses – we nearly went out and bought a pair of pink sunglasses after listening to this song, untill we realised we may have to wait a while before getting a chance to ware them in the UK.


  1. Brothers Osborn’s ‘Pawn Shop’

Brothers Osborn do country music their own way and we love how they sound.

  • Stay a Little Longer – this is a song that never gets olds and we reckon its our most played track of 2016. We just hope that when we get to hear the song live in March at C2C,  John plays the extended guitar solo from the track on the record.
  • It Ain’t My Fault – we are so excited that the boys choice this song as their new single and can’t wait to hear more of it this year.
  • Heart Shaped Locket
  • 21 Summer


  1. Jon Pardi’s ‘California Sunrise’

We couldn’t help but sing and dance along with the always fun and upbeat Jon Pardi, when listening to California Sunrise.

  • Lucky Tonight
  • Heartache on the Dance Floor
  • Dirt on My Boots – we can already imagine how fun it would be stomping our feet along to this song live, so fingers crossed John organises a UK tour soon!
  • All Time High


  1. Maren Morris ‘Hero’

Maren seems like the kind of girl we would want to hang out with and on top of this she has a killer voice. We love her unique sound, teamed with a fun and creative writing style and can‘t wait to hear more from her in the future.

  • My Church – We didn’t think we could love this song more, until we saw Maren perform it live at the 2016 CMA awards.
  • I Could Use a Love Song
  • Second Wind


  1. Jake Owen’s ‘American Love’

American Love story exceeded our expectations, we loved the sound of this album and it has so many memorable tracks.

  • LAX – Jake and his co-writers Nathan Chapman and Andrew Dorff turned LAX airport into an ingenious metaphor for an ex-girlfriend living in Los Angeles. The song also showcases stunning harmonies and is one of our favourites on the album.
  • After Midnight
  • Everybody Dies Young – what we love most about this song is that everyone can relate to it, so we are not surprised that he has chosen it as his next single!


6.  Keith Urban’s ‘Ripcord’

Keith shows us his cool fun side with this album and we love how diverse it sounds.

  • Habit of You
  • That Could Still Be Us The Fighter – we are so happy Keith ask Carrie Underwood to sing on this track, as she takes the song to a whole new level.


7.  Brandy Clark ‘Big Day in a Small Town’

Brandy is an extremely talented song writer and we love listening to the stories she tells.

  • Love Can go to Hell – nothing beats originality and this song puts a whole new spin on  heartbreak.
  • You Can Come Over
  • Since You’ve Gonne to Heaven
  • Homecoming Queen – Brandy has managed to write a song that describes the phrase ‘peaking in high school’ and its has some extremely clever lyrics.


8.  Frankie Ballard’s ‘El Camino’

Frankie made an album full of songs that are strong enough to stand alone but fit perfectly together. We love all the tracks and the entire vibe of the record.

  • Cigarette – this song was written by Kip Moore and he has commented in the past that he may have let it go too soon.
  • Wasting Time
  • Good as Gold


9.  The Cadillac Three’s ‘Bury Me In My Boots’

We love listening to The Cadillac Three’s rocker style and as always Jaren kills it on vocals with his southern twang. The trio have raised the bar once again with this album.

  • Runnin’ Red Lights – The Cadillac Three toured the UK in 2016 and put on an amazing show. One of our most most memorable moments from the gig was getting to hear this song live.
  • Bury Me in My Boots
  • White Lightning


10.  Kenny Chesney’s ‘Cosmic Hallelujah’

We can only imagine how amazing it would be hearing this album live on Kenny’s stadium tour. So here are a few of the tracks we would be out our seats dancing and singing along too.

  • Setting the World on Fire – we also love the music video for this song.
  • Rich and Miserable
  • All the Pretty Girls

You can listen to all our favourite tracks off the albums on our Spotify playlist.






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